Июль 10

Day 38 — funny thing, Mom said I was turning into an anorexic girl. 50 kilos? Come on! I won’t look like an anorexic chick even with 10 kilos off. True, I may have cheek-/collar-/hipbones very visible but I’m still a girl with problem zones. I hide my body in long fluffy PJs at home, and misfits and high-waisted pants at work so they can’t see its ugliness.

In all honesty, I need to reach 45 at min to start to look and feel better. All this fat weighs not less than 5 kilos, I swear. When will more joyful posts begin? I seem to be complaining all the time. Dreaming of tomorrow’s breakfast. I have croissants waiting, mm.. and coffee with milk.. yummy. You simply can’t miss it!

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Thinspo pictures

Natural 21 inch waist real girl - Healthy food for living - Anorexic girl