Март 27

В redhead.su записи из моего дневника эмигрантки The naughty redhead’s adventures. Постов не много, все они на английском и описывают период от принятия решения до прилета на новое место жительства. Интересное о жизни в Испании после переезда я помещаю в категорию «Похождения Вовы «Репеллент» Караваева«. Любопытно больше? Смотрите мои влоги на канале YouTube.

Naughty redhead's adventures. Immigration to Spain. Day 12

Day 12 (Feb, 18) — after a successfully handed-in resignation letter (no hassle whatsoever despite my expectation), dropping in a store for a pie and chocolate candies for collegues at work. Tomorrow is my last working day and when I’ll get my job documents back. As a rule you are asked to work for another 2 weeks after you submit the letter, but the decision is solely upon the boss. In my case, yay! The ‘big man’ turned out to be mild, without further ado I was set free ;) Also went to my apartment, cried there… because… I love my little nest so much, it’s hard to say goodbye forever. Honestly, I don’t want to leave, and I’ll have to come to this place again for a few times only to shed yet more tears. I love absolutely everything about the little nook of mine and I really wanted to meet spring there, spend another summer, wake up in my bed, see the sunbeams on the walls, take selfpics before the mirror… so many memories and wishes which won’t realize. I lay hope on my new life, namely, that I’ll have some free time to get down to updating my site on a regular basis and recording videos as well. I strongly want to carry on with my hobbies. Entries are cross-posted to my tumblr. Check them out.