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Naughty redhead's adventures. Immigration to Spain. Day 17

Day 17 (Feb, 23) — Um, another hinder added. Even though visa is not on my hands so far, we’re all 99% ready for the positive decision of the Consulate. Dear god, of course I’m worried. And there is this tiny yet huge point to take into consideration — my relatives gotta be informed about my departure. Namely, my grannies who live in a different town. Because of this kinda obstacle (we can go visit them only on weekend) my plane tickets will have to be bought 7 days later than initially planned. Originally my trip was settled for the beginning of March whereas now, due to the meeting with relations, it will move further, after March, 8. It’s ok by me but… actually… I have sort of prepared myself for March, 1. Still, I respect my grandmothers and won’t flee without a warning. My trip to Spain is going to be quite a shock for them but.. umm… there is Skype, after all. I don’t think we will miss each other this much :) Entries are cross-posted to my tumblr. Check them out.