Апрель 2

В redhead.su записи из моего дневника эмигрантки The naughty redhead’s adventures. Постов не много, все они на английском и описывают период от принятия решения до прилета на новое место жительства. Интересное о жизни в Испании после переезда я помещаю в категорию «Похождения Вовы «Репеллент» Караваева«. Любопытно больше? Смотрите мои влоги на канале YouTube.

Naughty redhead's adventures. Immigration to Spain. Day 18

Day 18 (Feb, 24) — after I get the confirmation a whole TON of things will have to be done. Petty as they may be but seeming big to me. Like, finally posting all these entries on my site, editing and ‘polishing’ all my emigration-related drafts, starting to upload Redhead’s Adventures vlogs on Youtube etc etc. So much to do! I’m excited! ^^  If it were easy I would get the tickets and depart straightaway. Its taking too long really. I get more emotional and unstable by the day. Can’t get a proper sleep and my relationship with family gets worse. We are all nervous. Entries are cross-posted to my tumblr. Check them out.