Март 18

В redhead.su записи из моего дневника эмигрантки The naughty redhead’s adventures. Постов не много, все они на английском и описывают период от принятия решения до прилета на новое место жительства. Интересное о жизни в Испании после переезда я помещаю в категорию «Похождения Вовы «Репеллент» Караваева«. Любопытно больше? Смотрите мои влоги на канале YouTube.

Naughty redhead's adventures. Immigration to Spain. Day 2

Day 2 (Feb, 8) — main problem now is how, HOW to squeeze in all my clothes in one suitcase? And my shoes? All I’ve bought during my life! So many pants, jeans, teeshes, shorts — everything! And high heels, platform shoes, sandals etc etc! Not to mention warmer clothes: sweaters, tights, socks, boots, jackets! And what about personal stuff (cosmetics, makeup) and all my folders, copybooks, scripts, writings? Leave them here? Or burn? 20 years of my life into flames? Also, selling out flowers is a how. So many questions, dozens of challenges I have no idea how to approach. Not out of general obsession, rather for myself, I plan making vlogs on the whole gathering process and further, living in another country.