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Naughty redhead's adventures. Immigration to Spain. Day 21

Day 21 (Feb, 27) — one of the worstEST days as of late. The trip to Moscow turned out oh so very hassley plus then at home I got all schmaltzy and cried nonstop for obvious and no reason. I got my visa, congrats to me? Just dropped at the visa center, and in less than a minute the envelope with my ID and stamp were handed over to me. Mom is unwilling to let me go asap so she is not overly happy. Me, however, wishes otherwise. I want to get it all done quickly, without further ado. The more I linger, the faster my zeal to go fades away. And the oftener fits of anger occur, I shout at parents, they snap back, this and that, time and again, grr. Unfortunately, the odds are in Mom’s favor and looks like my diary will be prolonged for at least another week, dammit! Instead of flying next week I’ll have to wait for 7 more days. And, by all honesty, if you ask me if I truly want to leave my motherland, fuck no, I wish I could stay. Then again, during this extra week I can do some things on my site, record/edit vlogs etc, there are many good sides, and of course this convo with my grannies will take place. Entries are cross-posted to my tumblr. Check them out.