Апрель 8

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Naughty redhead's adventures. Immigration to Spain. Day 23

Day 23 (Mar 1) — yesterday’s plans have changed after late night’s convo with my date, but more on this at the end of the post. In haste, I was nearly forced to hurry with buying tickets and deciding on a definite date of my departure. Initially, as you remember, it was set for after-holidays but already in the morning I announced it’s gonna be earlier, ie before March, 8. Then a small quarrel and a telephone call followed, after which the task of getting plane tickets was nearly solved. I’m flying off next week, on the 7th. Jeesh! So quickly! All happens faster than we can put up with it. It’s a huge load on parents, emotionally first of all. Mom cries, Dad hides his tears, one of my grannies is already aware of my leave, surprisingly (Mom had told her), she too has of course shed a stream of tears. I try not to give in but come on, who am I kidding? I’m leaving, probably forever, and there is little chance family will be able to see me every year… What have I gotten myself into? Yes, sure it’s better not to think of it, but what I want most of all is no pain for my close ones, I want to make them happy and not worry so much about my life in Spain. It’ll be ok, my number one aim is make them feel alright, secure about it, it’s going to be fine, I promise. Also, I haven’t made it clear in the beginning, but on purpose. Where am I heading to? What’s the aim? Who’s gonna meet me in Spain? My boyfriend. It’s he who wants me to come and stay there. I’m not going to tell you much on what’s what, suffice to say with the help of his mother I organised my trip, and he has an apartment there, and he really hopes our life in Benidorm will be cool. As for my expectations… they are scarce as I prefer to not speculate and lay big hopes on my future. It is obscure, and in fact my life there will be like fumbling for the light at the end of a tunnel. Entries are cross-posted to my tumblr. Check them out.