Март 23

В redhead.su записи из моего дневника эмигрантки The naughty redhead’s adventures. Постов не много, все они на английском и описывают период от принятия решения до прилета на новое место жительства. Интересное о жизни в Испании после переезда я помещаю в категорию «Похождения Вовы «Репеллент» Караваева«. Любопытно больше? Смотрите мои влоги на канале YouTube.

Naughty redhead's adventures. Immigration to Spain. Day 8

Day 8 (Feb, 14) — the further it goes, the oftener panic attacks happen. So far, my main worry is health issues. The last thing I need is ache here, pain there. looks like my nerves are real shaky. Saving myself with watching Benedict Cumberbatch whatever-youtube-offers-with-him, plus Hobbit: BtS, bloopers, fun reels etc. Distracting myself from worry. Valentine’s Day? No such luxury for me! Time to gather clothes in bags to relocate them from my apartment. Spent this afternoon packing things, simultaneously sorting what will go into my luggage and what I’ll leave at home. Because I have so many shoes my priority is fit most of them into the suitcase, which leaves extra little space for anything else, which means… too little space for clothes. Damn it! How am I supposed to transport my whole wardrobe?! I’m angry. And the Love the Journey picture seems hilarious. Entries are cross-posted to my tumblr. Check them out.