Июль 14

Day 42 — checkup 3, wow so soon! 80x62x88, 50kg. And it would seem alright but for a big BUT. WTH is going on with my chest? What’s up with my bust size? 2 weeks pass and I lose 2-3cm while hips stay fat — why is it not getting thinner there too?! I’d be so much much much happier if I lost centimeters there as well ;(

Well, anyway, took some pics of myself. PJs rule but the camera is such a liar; like I said, it hides flaws (read: fat) so I look prettier than in real life. Ah if only I slimmed down in hip area as fast as in bust! But still it’s incredible how dramatically quickly I get smaller in my upper part haha.

Told my S/O, ‘You’re gonna kill me, hun, but I lost another few cm up there. It’s all due to swimming I bet.’ He sighed, ‘Ahh, well, it can’t be helped in this case.’ Thank god he didn’t swear :) I try not to get upset by the results but the scale pisses me, it’s ruthless, how else can I call it if it’s still at the same mark, slightly balancing between 49 and 50! I have a reason to despise myself for moving so slowly. And this hip area catastrophy annoys me. Seriously, how am I supposed to come to 45 if I lose 1 kilo a month? Damn damn damn. Sorry.

Hey you know what’s funny? Today, on 11-11-11 I weigh 111lbs LOL

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Thinspo pictures

Natural 21 inch waist real girl - Girl swimming - Hip area