Июнь 28

Day 27 — thought after morning swimming practice I’d ache all over, yet strangely, it’s alright as I’m at work, busying around the office with no pain in my legs or arms, I feel as usual, no better no worse. I can imagine how different it would be after running, though. For that reason, I don’t run, I hate running. Another reason why I hate running is because it’s been my pet peeve since childhood, those PE classes, they were the ground for hanging myself, no kidding.

So here I am at the office and brooding. Without me even realizing so, I’m dreaming of food. Pasta or rice, even canned fish will do. Anything. Snacks floating in front of my eyes, is it the cause of undernourishment? Probably.

Anyhow, I gotta live on green tea and tiny meals till Friday, that is for the next 3 days. And on Friday night, I’ll deserve a little feast, maybe even crisps and beer, although junk food and alcohol are not friends of skinny. More motivation for you.

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