Июнь 3

Finally. As arranged, it’s the beginning of June and I begin to post my Natural 21 inch waist real girl category posts, the weight loss journey diary I’ve started 2 years ago, in October 2011.  The what’s and how’s can be found on my Tumblr, so before you read my journal, please, take into consideration this foreword and note that all the entries and ‘Days’ date back to 2011 and will slightly differ from the original version of the blog since they gotta survive my editor’s review and suit this very site.

So you ready? Bring it on!

Days 1 — 4 — total fails because we went to McDonald’s, so weight loss journey start was out of question. Even if it is 4 nuggets, a coke and french fries (standard Mcd menu) you gain weight from it.

Guys, advice — while you’re on a diet or having chosen the sports and diet lifestyle, once you’ve set your lovely feet on the weight loss track, don’t come close to McD’s or any other fast food cafe. Refrain from junk food. No burgers, no hotdogs, no soda drinks — too many calories. If possible, no ice cream either, esp Baskin Robbins. It’s tasty and all, but remember this ‘Do you want a gap between your legs or a cake? hipbones or pizza?‘ No Mcd menu has this line engraved on it so you ought to bear it in mind. You have to change your attitude toward food, and eating habits, and how much you actually need to eat, but it will all come in the process. So yeah, from now on you are into sports and diet and totally healthy eating habits!

Stay updated on the future posts on my sports and diet blog.

Post by post, I’m gonna add thinspo pictures to help you stay thinspired and motivated in your weight loss journey.

Thinspo pictures

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