Июль 13

Day 41 — ‘I don’t want you to turn into a skeleton’, ‘Your Mom has a reason, you’re getting anorexic’, ‘I have no problem with you losing weight as long as you don’t overdo’, ‘Now turn around, I need to make sure you still have a bum’, ‘Oww your breasts have gotten so small that no bra now fits’ etc — this is what I hear from here and there and everywhere.  It’s insulting when dear ones say things like this.

On a lighter — finally! — note, after a morning swim I weigh 49, and it’s so much better to go training early before work because thus I am not hungry till midday, which is excellent! But even with 1 kilo off I don’t look fit at all ;( A morning swim thus doesn’t  help, does it? Ice-cream cone, go away!

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