Июль 8

Day 36 — forget to mention what I eat these days. Well you see it’s because there is nothing to mention as there is no food. An apple a day, a slice of cheese and a cup of soup/broth, that’s all. It IS awfully difficult to open the fridge and convince myself there is nothing in it, no food to stuff my belly with, and close it.

Hunger pangs at night, grumbling in the morning as I sit in the office, so I try to calm my stomach by drinking water and hot green tea. And although I’m whining about how fat I still am, my clothes become looser and looser. One example: I just tried on my office pants I wore last year, and found them not wearable, suddenly hanging low even with high heels or platform boots. I should start saving up for a new wardrobe because of all the bottom’s I own, only 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of pants look alright, all the rest seem too baggy now. Isn’t it great? ;)

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