Июнь 11

Day 10 — Once I’m at the UWG I’ll order a tee with something like this — Do I make you look fat? I like such naughty provocative phrases ;)

On another note, read some obese/overweight population statistics in this country. The figures are frightening. And I see the proof every day, even young girls in their early 20ies are, pardonne-moi, cows: fat legs, meaty fingers, round faces — lacking freshness and elegance that they should have at this age. Looks like the saying ‘skinny is rare, skinny is in demand’ can’t be more true now that I know this overweight statistics, but then again I want to be this ‘rare’, I want to be different from the majority, I want to have people stare at me in bewilderment, in jealousy, wondering how on earth I manage to stay slim, and being further struck upon learning about my age, and I’ll give a laugh and say, ‘Will-power, buddy’ and go off wiggling my tail aka nice small bum in tiny shorts :))

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