Июнь 29

Day 28 — checkup! Checkup 2! 84x66x88, (almost) 49kg. Purrrfect, heading in the right direction ;) Took some pics of myself. All selfpics go to my Tumblr, check them out. The truth is, camera tends to ‘steal’ flaws so your selfpic is a flattery. Trust me, I’m not as satisfied with what I see in the mirror as what I see in the selfpic. There’s more fat and problem areas like big belly and the infamous ‘muffin-top’, same with thighs. Still curvy ;(

Different mirrors and under different lightning you’ll look different so some reflections are better than others, prettifying you. The big mirror hanging in the swimming pool’s locker room definitely flatters women since it diminishes proportions, reducing your ‘width’ and increasing ‘height’ lol

I have to admit, breasts, luckily, have gotten smaller. We’ll see how I’ll look with another 5 kilos off – my program minimum.

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Thinspo pictures to help you stay thinspired and motivated in your weight loss journey.

Thinspo pictures

Natural 21 inch waist real girl - Healthy living diet - Selfpic