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50 Shades of… blue

Февраль 12

Today in I decided to show you the magnificent red, white and blue flowers, all kinds of beautiful blue flower bouquets as well as red and white plants you can grow in your garden and see in flowerbeds and greenhouses. Enjoy the colors!

Stretching his hand up to reach the stars,
too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.
Jeremy Bentham

red flowers, white flowers, blue flowers
50 Shades of.. blue

Vintage Style Flowers

Январь 28

You know, being as is a fashion blog, I’m pretty fond of all kinds of vintage stuff, the old-fashioned-stylized photography, floral motives, craquelure-type vases, shabby house furniture, deliberately chosen to create the effect of the dusty past, reminding of grannie’s days of youth, reminiscent of some-fifty-years-ago time. And thence, a selection of vintage style flowers for you. Keep in touch with all things vintage.

Vintage Style Flowers Photography

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