Июль 19

Day 47 — enough! Enough of this one-more-slice-of-cheese-and-that’s-all stuff! I’m so angry! All the time! With such an approach I won’t get any closer to 48 till December, let alone 45 or less till the end of the year. Guess I’ll have to set a no-dinner-at-all schedule ‘cuz heck, it’s the only way I can come to the UWG. I’m so sick of 50-51 on the scale, and fed up of being pissed and angry all the time. Ok, you can rightfully label me loser if I don’t reach 47 by the next checkup. Which means next 10 days are gonna be rrreal tough.

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Natural 21 inch waist real girl - Healthy food for living - Angry all the time