Март 22

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Naughty redhead's adventures. Immigration to Spain. Day 7

Day 7 (Feb, 13) — I’m not ready, not ready. Looks like I’ll have to speak with my employer about quitting the job. That’s a problem how to approach it and I have one day only to get it settled. It’s a pity I have to sell all my dear plants. I’ve been growing them from near-dying to beautifully-blooming for a little more than half a year and now selling them sounds unbelieavable and… not right. Like I’m a traitor. Or, if I don’t find a buyer, just send them to trash. I will probably hesitate till the last moment. All and every single thing seems to make me doubt. Time and again, over and over, but I behave like a ram. Dumb stubborn ram which doesn’t care, I just go ahead. If it’s for the better or worse, I don’t know. I just do what I’m told. I have fulfilled all that’s been set up for today. Some more points to consider and the sooner it’s done the better: gathering things and moving out of my dear apartment, cancelling Internet connection agreement, going to the visa center, buying a suitcase, spending money on this and that… If I stop and stare for a moment, my head will spin, this is why I don’t stop. I simply switched off my brain. Entries are cross-posted to my tumblr. Check them out.