Июнь 30

Day 29 — collarbones and hipbones (as well as other bones) still not visible enough. They can be felt but not seen, and I want them to be right there under my skin sticking out sharp. It’s a rrrreally awesome feeling to be able to feel your hipbones as you lie on your back and touch them, and the pervert me — hehe — is fond of doing so early in the morning, when still drowsy, half-asleep.

I put my palm on top of each hipbone checking out if it’s there and not under a layer of disgusting fat as it used to be. It brings forward yet other sweet fantasies about making love to my other half, so I’m gonna tell you how to enjoy sex as you get skinnier. Imagine your BF as he moves he can feel your hipbones or bum-bones, not shaking cellulite; and in the heat of passion he clasps your neck, not double chin; then holds you by the waist where there are ribs under his fingers, not rolls; and flat stomach, not hanging fat; and small breasts, not big boobs dangling of which makes you self-conscious, and then some.

Or afterwards, when he embraces your back and traces a finger along the spine he notes how thin you are, how like-a-doll you look, his little baby. And like me, you’ll smile, feeling slim, beautiful and confident.

And trust me, you’re going to enjoy sex like never before, loving your body, and your love for yourself shall not go unnoticed by him, and he’ll love you even deeper and think you his princess, and princess you shall be, irresistible and one and only! Now think about it, about all the pleasures, increased sensations you’re going to experience, it’s totally worth it!

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