Июль 12

Day 39 — how to get smaller breasts? Read till the end of my today’s post. I’m starting to pay more attention at girls: in stores, in the street, at work. Can’t say I look a lot worse, because, I’ll be totally frank, many of them are even fatter. But whenever I am with my other half I always feel on top of the world and one and only beauty around, because compared to most girls I’m shorter (they are at least 2-3cm taller) and compared to him I’m tiny (he’s 20cm taller).

Btw, told my S/O my chest had gotten smaller. He freaked out, ‘Told you! Told you the first thing that gets smaller when you lose weight is breasts!’ haha He says he’s very against me losing weight, but it’s not true, he knows I’m becoming prettier with each next kilo gone ;) Anyway, if you’re looking for how to get smaller breasts, maybe you should consider stepping onto the weight loss track?

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