Июнь 26

Day 25 — tried on all those S-size panties I’d bought earlier this month. Motivated, but not seeing any dramatic changes. Speaking of small clothes, I dream that one day I’ll be able to fit in those tiny Korean hoodies and cardigans with cutout and printed kittens-bears-bunnies on them. They are soooo comfy and fluffy and warm for cold weather ;) But since I see no change in weight so far, I will hold the idea of buying said hoodies.

When I enter my favorite fashion store all I can hear is, ‘They are for children, these sweaters and jumpers and hoodies, for small girls, I’ll look ridiculous in them, why sell such things at all?’ Ha, it’s because you’re too big for them, you lady! They’re not necessarily for 6yo girls — they are for girls who are slim, which you don’t refer to, of course. Rly, some women are weird (but more about this later).

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