Июнь 17
Day 16 — oh these (in)famous light blue jeans! The moment I put them on (yes, I can do this now!) I recall Miranda’s words (Sex & the City character) about how any woman must get a pair of jeans she stores on the far shelf to try on some day and realize she can fit in them! haha That’s what I’ve been looking forward to.
Could never ever actually squeeze in them, not even the day they were bought years ago but been keeping in the closet still, as they waited for ‘The Day’ lol Strange, I can easily put them on and zip up BUT I look ugly in them, in these high-waisted thick denim pants, out-of-fashion and totally inappropriate for wearing light blue jeans.
What’s more, I can’t match them with anything as the only thing they would look alright with is a baggy sweater which I don’t have, so… goodbye to the blue jeans again, they are on their way to the same far corner of the wardrobe.

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